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Public Safety:

Public Safety will be one of my top priorities. As your next State House Representative, I want to help look after the people of District 106 and Horry County as a whole. I will support our first responders by helping allocate funds to provide the staff, training, and modern technology they need to perform effectively. As a former prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, I've had the opportunity to work with many members of the law enforcement community and I've witnessed their commitment to the safety of our community.  All of our first responders are deserving of the best support we can provide, especially as our population continues to grow. Supporting such personnel as part of an overall goal of prioritizing public safety will help to ensure that our area is a safe and secure place to live and raise a family. 


Economic Development: 

Horry County is the largest geographic county in our state. We have beautiful beaches and natural areas that we want to maintain, and we should continue to support our tourism industry. At the same time, we need to recruit appropriate industry to our area so we can redevelop empty strip malls and other abandoned business sites and offer more sources for steady work opportunities. It is my goal to find industries to support additional year round jobs along the beach and to also promote job growth throughout the County. I pledge to work with our County delegation to recruit smart business opportunities so we can diversify our workforce and provide greater job opportunities in our area. 



Horry County has experienced tremendous growth, and with that growth comes more traffic on our roads and bridges. Safe, reliable infrastructure should be a basic service provided to our citizens. As your voice in Columbia, I will fight to receive funding that is proportionate to the tax dollars we send to Columbia so we can repair our roads and bridges and address flooding and stormwater drainage issues. 

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