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Public Safety:

Over the last 2 years as your Representative, prioritizing public safety has been more than a promise—it's been my mission. With a background as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, I've seen firsthand the challenges and dedication of our law enforcement community. My commitment has translated into tangible support for our first responders, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools and training to keep our community safe. Notable legislative efforts have secured better pay and resources and bolstered public safety laws, making our streets safer and our schools more secure. Looking forward, my focus remains steadfast: to continue enhancing the safety of District 106 and Horry County, supporting our first responders, and ensuring our community remains a secure place to call home.


Economic Development: 

In serving Horry County, my focus has been on nurturing an environment where businesses can thrive and our community can grow safely and sustainably. We've made considerable progress in reducing barriers for small businesses, ensuring they have the support needed to prosper. This includes making critical insurance more accessible and addressing workforce challenges by encouraging participation in our booming job market. Furthermore, recognizing the vital importance of energy security, we've taken decisive steps to safeguard and modernize our energy infrastructure, ensuring it meets our current and future needs. These actions are part of a broader strategy to foster economic development, support industry diversification, and maintain Horry County as a prime destination for living, working, and recreation. Looking ahead, my commitment to enhancing Horry County's economic landscape and quality of life remains unwavering.



Horry County's growth has magnified the need for robust infrastructure. My advocacy has been pivotal in aligning our local projects with the DOT's ambitious 10-Year Plan, focusing on rural road safety, extensive paving, bridge modernization, and interstate improvements. We've seen remarkable progress: a significant reduction in crashes on targeted rural roads, over 7,700 miles of paving enhancing connectivity across every county, and strides toward replacing structurally deficient bridges, with efforts underway to modernize our vital interstate and bridge networks. This comprehensive approach not only ensures safer, more reliable infrastructure but also supports the lifeline of our state's economy, from ports to daily commuter routes. Looking forward, I am committed to continuing our push for proportional funding and strategic investments, ensuring our infrastructure meets the demands of Horry County's dynamic growth.

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